Шевроле монте карло 1984 года

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Eddie Hammonds 08 May 2018

84 was not the first year of the SS. 83 was with the blue/white seats and SS head rest

thangamajig 15 May 2018

You think they would have slid it around some corners or something during the video. Car didn t see a curve in the entire video. Didn t get to see and of the components either?

Kshan Horton 19 May 2018

Hes wrong he said it the first year of the monte ss they had an 83 to

julio lopez 24 May 2018

got to love the body style, chevy fan boy got mad when he said gn. rivalry is still there, the grudge doesnt go away

ClockFixer 1964 30 May 2018

Imagine the ET s on this car if these two fatties lost 30 pounds each!

thepassionofthegoose 05 June 2018

My neighbor had a then new 87 in black. A guy down the street had an 87 GN, but I always thought the SS was cooler looking performance was another matter.

biggunzcdb 07 June 2018

Wrap that 305 in plastic and set it aside, that bad bitch needs a real SBC. If 5.0 L is a goal, build a DZ302.

street slayingGTO 09 June 2018

Put the voodoo gt350 motor in it

65ANDRE 13 June 2018

Oh my Goodness does this car sound good. One of my friends had one back in the day. He would tell you its not very fast though.

xxroyalxtigerxx 17 June 2018

Seems like a really cool guy riding along

Engir 20 June 2018

I have always liked that body style

MBailey1977 25 June 2018

I m pretty sure they made an 83 ss?

a1duzit 29 June 2018

Love the 80 s classic g body. Yeah they were shaped liked bricks but im like them.

Joe D 02 July 2018

Problem with those years is the interior just looks sooooooo.

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