Пульт для форд транзит

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Agent 47 19 January 2018

That chip looks like it was made for the UK AND American Fords. I say that because I have a Ford Mustang with that same key FOB, but with four buttons laid out just like the circuit board (lock, unlock, panic, and trunk).

QuillBin 23 January 2018

We finally got the transit over here across the pond in the US, so much better. I drive one for work as an IT guy (hauling Network switches, Routers, Handhelds for a major US Retail Chain)

DeusPhallusMaximus 30 January 2018

Clive - love your channel. Keep up the good work.

MyBigThing2010 04 February 2018

I really liked this channel until you said I really like the Fords haha

Jim Fortune 10 February 2018

You need to get an electron microscope so you can trace the circuitry inside the chips!

Blowitup1991 14 February 2018

Just been to the isle of man and was wondering if the Transit is cheaper there or something, because there are so many of them driving around there.

Elektro-Peter 20 February 2018

I think the SMD on the left might be a ferrite bead to VCC and the right one is a npo capacitor to GND.

YeefCo 24 February 2018

clive has a super creeper van. that s awesome.

TheBrasilcowboy 03 March 2018

i like the black dirty fingernails

John Due 08 March 2018

My guess is: In the antenna loop, the component connected to + is probably a resistor or a coil that feeds the collectors in two transistors in the IC, while the component connected to gnd is a capacitor, - all adding up to a push/pull configuration.

gantmj 14 March 2018

I ve never seen a fob without a panic button before.

MrAbletospeak 17 March 2018

Are you aware there is a fake big clive?

chisnfs 23 March 2018

hey, my mate has some fishing alarms that it s really hard to get hold of lr23a batteries which are 12v, would it be possible to hook up a box type battery that is also 12v or would the alarms not be able to take the amperage?

Mysterious Squirrel 28 March 2018

My Toyota keyfob works from anywhere inside my house, from the back garden with the car round the front and also locks and unlocks my neighbour s Lexus.

jonnywaselectric 01 April 2018

off topic, why do american power points not have an earth pin?

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