Ричард бакли том форд

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T Mill 09 May 2018

Wtg is wrong with his husband neck. Dude I just dnt think lol this is possible. Dude look 90 years old. Lol

music brazilian 12 May 2018

Tom Ford is of of my favorite men in the world, he has style class is thoughtful good values and he is so charming wow!

S. Y. 18 May 2018

Isn t the age difference weird though? :/

Troy Hagen 23 May 2018


Alexa Davey 28 May 2018

He exudes elegance and sophistication I love Tom Ford

Ela A 02 June 2018

He is so cute <3 New found respect! WOW!

el omari nour 04 June 2018

omg I m in love. 30 years! I can t even stand my self!what an amazing man

Austin Rose 08 June 2018

Im tripping out cus I DID NOT know Tom Ford is gay! I sure do wish he were single.

Iailanee C. 10 June 2018

Hes so ooooollllllldddddddd 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

Bo Mitix 13 June 2018

His husband looks like Elen Degeneres if she had a bad crack habit

nicholas cicchillitti 18 June 2018

why s the interviewer making a joke? because all gays are whores? I love Tom. He s romantic and real.

Prince Of Peace 21 June 2018

he was sodomite for 30 years? I wish he repent and come to chirst tests the true love of our Lord.

Gustavo Posada 25 June 2018

Tom Ford is life goals. I kind of needed that advice now, it clicked.

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