Kia sportage 2008 2010

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Marcone Cesar 09 May 2018

Graças a você economizei um bom dinheiro em mão de obra. Valeu!

1989MrDeville 12 May 2018

Would this be the same process for a 2009 kia borrego?

Ed Figueroa 19 May 2018

Not sure why all this work to replace the plastic housing. Is the filter, not the issue? Why not just clean the filter, or replace entire item if pump is suspect with one out of a salvage car?

Owen Nicholas 21 May 2018

Hi Dahen it take about 1 hour to start again but then shut off. Thats why always keep full tank but few days ago it show the sale problem with 3/4 tank. Dont know what to do

Owen Nicholas 26 May 2018

I am from Guatemala, Central America

Owen Nicholas 29 May 2018

Hi, mi hyundai Tucson must be full tank all the time because if reach half tank pumps do not work. i can not find the problem, can you tell me what to do please.

benzeno222 30 May 2018

you have forgotten to put the rubber piece on the bottom side of the fuel pump, see 11:41 in your video

Alex David 31 May 2018

Hi, I write from Ecuador, thanks for your videos. Do you have a problem with a Oxygen Sensor error P0133 with this car?

pimpninja1985 04 June 2018

Thank you for these videos! I have a 2006 with 150,000 miles. Is the procedure the same to change the fuel filter? Where is the location of this too? Also, at 150,000 miles. Do you recommend I keep with car or buy something new? So far, no issues.

humberto salazar 10 June 2018

I know 2006 isn t listed but does anyone know if it will be the same process or will the whole process be different?

Jusb1066 16 June 2018

i would have called the fuel filter the small mesh bag on the pump. you seem to have changed the plastic housing, but i cant see why? unless it has some other filter element that doesnt show up on camera

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