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Meran Payman 03 April 2018

I have the same car with dark interiot, except no navigation, remote start or front radar

Rachel Kiberu 05 April 2018

Thanks Mike. Your video was so helpful

God's Warrior 06 April 2018

I mean, we all know the Altima sucks. It s boring, bland, and just plain sickening. The Altima is a disgrace to the automotive industry. It s lame and has nothing compelling about it. It sucks.

Goerge Ibrahim 13 April 2018

Such of an nice car great family car Nissan is becoming good whit making disings

Lynn Lobliner 14 April 2018

I rented one of these and COULD NOT figure out how to get the left side back seat down. This showed me (men think of these things). Thank you for that little detail. Now I can go to Home Depot and get some 2 x 8s and bring them home. Wish the front passenger flipped foward to the dash board.

Brian Waller 18 April 2018

Why pay 2k for a navigation system when you can use Google maps? Google maps is automatically updated where the factory nav system won t be updated with new streets

Noah Mascarin 20 April 2018

The one I don t get about the 2016 refresh of the Altima is, why do the led daytime running lights only stretch half way up the entire strip.

ThaBestStarks 24 April 2018

If not, can you do a video of a 2017 NIssan Altima SL 3.5 fully loaded and a 2017 NIssan Altima SR 3.5 fully loaded? Thanks!

Yo Shane TUBE TV 28 April 2018

starting to look more and more like the maxima haha

bokkey45 02 May 2018

I can t tell the difference between the Sentra and the Altima these days.they look identical

superwangwei3630 06 May 2018

I hope there will be a bigger screen for Altima. Nice review.

planedudea380 13 May 2018

Will probb see a new Altima for 2018 or 19

Jose Manuel 20 May 2018

Mike can you get the Camry LE or Malibu LS? Saludos Desde Mexico!

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