Инфинити и ниссан максима

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  • Дата публикации: 02 April 2018
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darnell rogers 03 April 2018

The infinity is nice but the maxima gives you more bang for your buck. the maxima is more of a luxury vehicle than the actual luxury car infinity.

Rohan Dalwadi 09 April 2018

This guy is a total dumbass! I own a Maxima and I have driven an Altima too and there s no way that both cars feels the same while driving. People like him are those who don t know shit about cars and buy cars and slap on those shitty shiny 25 rims on the car. This video is a total B.S.

Willy Wonka 12 April 2018

I like the maxima. Styling is much better for the price. Maxima more value for the money and is a real head turner. I have a 17 sv all black. Sweet ride

Tori Tropics 16 April 2018

My nissan maxima key looks like the infinity key with the silver top. i hate rear wheel drive, everyone is different but i live in the snow. Rear wheel leaves everyone stranded in the stixx here.lol

SEANJOHN 92663 19 April 2018

Just got the 2018 G50 FN LOVE IT. fast as shit for a 4 door. and I had a 2013 M3.

PLATINUM 26 April 2018

What I couldn t wrap my brain over is the fact the Q5O no matter what version you choose it won t have COOLED SEATS. 😲😲 Nor will it have Android auto or apple carplay. That s a deal breaker for someone who lives in the deep South. Heat and humidity is a beast in summer.

James Keaton 02 May 2018

I forgot to add, if Nissan/Infinety could put the Infinity engine with a 6 speed tranny spinning the back wheels, Nissan could not keep them on the lot!

James Keaton 09 May 2018

I am enjoying my 3rd Nissa and the last two have been Pathfinders. As much as I have loved my two Pathfinders, I am saving my pennys for a Maxima Platnium. I made the mistake of test driving one. Gorgeous car!

Brian Jenkins 10 May 2018

I got the 2017 Maxima Platinum! It’s got all the features of the Q50 plus it looks good and drives even better. This is my 3rd Maxima and very reliable!

Racer Lex 17 May 2018

@ 06:46 Whats the point of getting a Maxima, if you have to drive it like an Altima? Fucking THIS! Exactly! What they really should have done is just drop the CVT from the Maxima. Or make a base model NISMO version so it wont step on Infiniti s toes.

MICKY MOUSE 20 May 2018

I really like the infiniti but why is the infotainment System so laggy?

Tyrone Long 22 May 2018

I rather have a Kia Stinger than the Q50.

Tyrone Long 28 May 2018

Nissan needs to make a AWD Maxima and offer a manual transmission for the sport model in 2019 for a refresh model. The Q50 needs to seriously update the interior for 2019. No Apple Car Play and Android Auto in 2018 is bad. Get rid of the double screen also.

jheht2000 02 June 2018

I think he should’ve compared the Maxima SR model vs the Q50. The drive is totally different. Eww to the wheat though.

Armando Gomez 07 June 2018

If Infiniti revised their infotainment and included car play and Android auto I d trade in my 3 series for the q50 red sport

Yakabitch B 14 June 2018

Ill take the maxima with instant power from xtronic cvt and more classy.refine interior. plus the price.the maxima is a winner.👍👍👍

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