Saab jas 39c d gripen

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TurjoJewel Jewel 09 May 2018

Is it 68.9 million or 689 million? Lol 😝

SpursSpursSpurs Audere est Facere 12 May 2018

Truth? No biases? It relies far to much on US in terms of engine electronics and weapons. Shame because with home built or even a Russian jet engine this could be quite neat.

Jim fallow 16 May 2018

Have they started bombing Malmo yet?

Michael Murphy 22 May 2018

man the grpen can maneuver. looks so nimble. it s a pretty plane

Mr2pint 26 May 2018

This is no where near as good as the mighty US fighters but certainly a lot better than the stollen 1950 s crap coming out of Russia, China. God bless the United Sates of America!

bipola telly 27 May 2018

should do fantastically for the islamic Airforce of Swedenstan!

TOTO CACA 29 May 2018

we don t know he never goes to fight.

gilbert valdez 01 June 2018

need the philippines Air Forces the gripen figting jet

Lars Berglund 07 June 2018

The new Gripen E had its first flight yesterday, and it was very successful. Video here:

f50koenigg 08 June 2018

what is the name of the 2nd music?

Saheb Rishab 12 June 2018

u only gave specs. didn t tell how powerful it is

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